Thursday, February 4, 2010


Dot, dot, dot.........

So this week we not only have some cookies, we have a homemade display stand as well!!!!

I got the cookie idea from 

(check her out, she is amazing!!!)

But to start I will show you the stand, for a little suspense!!

Empty stand

stand with DOTS on it!
And here they are! little bits of yumminess!
Look at how tiny!
Also this week I tried a new icing!! And its now my fave!

So thats it for this week!

Until next time!!!


Happy Valentines Day

Sick of regular flowers??? Heres some you cant resist!!

(computer was being difficult and refused to rotate!)

And Grace decided to make some cookies to!




Wop, wop, WHOOPIE!!!!

Valentines day is just around the corner! But before I start on Valentines treats, I thought I would make something different.

This my friends is a homemade WHOOPIE PIE!


A soft chocolate cake cookie, with a homemade cream filling.
Hope you enjoyed that! I know i sure did!!!

Until next time!


Cupcake FAIL

Well, this baking experience was anything but cooperating!!

I told you guys I would share the fails.. So here it goes!


I just put too much weight on one side and the whole thing fell over. And I also see that next time I'm going to put some fake greens in there.
Until next time!