Sunday, April 4, 2010


Never Thought I Would!

Hey All!

Lots of cookies this week!

And the Farmers Market was also a (chilly!) success! Got a few inquires about custom orders!

First up is a cookie bouquet, for a garbage man!!!

All done up!, but do you want a closer look????

Garbage truck ( Hand cut without template)
(Sideways) Garbage Cans (Also hand cut)
Garbange Man, and Thank you!

Also this week I made up a little basket for a friend of mines 26th birthday!
The basket includes, 6 cheesecake truffles and 6 Peanutbutter cup truffles (hidden underneath), 2 Bags of assorted dots and 1 vanilla cookie!

Heres a close up of the cookie! (Was also the design for the farmers market)

So thats it this week, big post i know!!!

Until next time!


Everybody's Workin For The Weekend!!

Hey there everyone!

Well saturday was my first day at the heritage market!!!!! And it was GREAT!!!

I sold lots, met lots of new people, and learned lots!!

Biggest seller was the Cake Truffles, I sold 187 of those little guys!!!

Cant wait for next week, and here are some pictures for you!

(First set of cookies!)

Also, for all my new fans, all custom prices are listed on the left side of my page here, just click "Custom Prices".

And dont forget to also read the "Ordering Policies" Page as well

Well great to talk to you all! Cant wait to show you what I've come up with this week!


Bunnies and Chickies OH MY!!

Happy belated easter everyone!

So yes I know, I'm alittle slow getting this one up! We have a sick chickie in my house over the weekend!

But here is the basket that the easter bunny brought!

So in the basket we have some chocolate bunny pops, Homemade marshmallow chicks, and some cake truffle chicks!

The entire basket is homemade except for the toys and the foil eggs!

On another note, I will be extremly busy these next 2 weeks because the farmers market opens on the 17!!

So keep a look out for pictures of my first market day! And I will be sure to let you know how I did!

Until next time!


I'm Baaaaaaaaack!

Hello everyone!

Long time no see! Well I had a wonderful trip, and visited lots and lots of family. Although I didnt bake alot, I do have a couple pictures for you!

First! Here is a cookie bouquet I made just before I left! Also, although there are 5 cookies in the picture, my little cookie monster ate one!!!

Its made with blue and yellow glace icing. With blue sugar around the edges!

Now here is a first! I made HOMEMADE MARSHMALLOWS! And piped them into an icecream cone!

Would you like to see how they turned out??

Hard to tell if they are real icecream or not, eh???

Also, I should mention my one fail over my trip tho. I tried to make sponge candy. And although I watched it carefully, it went 3 degrees over, and BURNT!
I still poured it out, and it still sponged up. But goodness! The smell of burnt sugar is not pleasant I tell you!

So now, is the count down to opening day at the farmers market. Lots to do, but I am very excited!

I'm off now to go do some prep work for the market (april 17th). It feels great to post again! 

Until next time!